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Transforming the Solar Power Generation with Smart Automation


Home Newsroom Stories Transforming the Solar Power Generation with Smart Automation
Author : mahindraadmin   Category : Technology   Published : 6/2/2023

For years, the solar industry has been reliant on water-intensive and laborious processes for the maintenance and operation of solar power technologies. From cleaning solar collection surfaces to photovoltaic panels, excessive water usage has been a norm. However, at Mahindra Susten, we were keen on finding a solution to reduce water consumption without hampering the efficiency of the system.

As a prominent solar renewable Independent Power Producer (IPP), we proudly operate a vast portfolio of 1.54 GWp+. But, our impact extends far beyond mere statistics. Our ultimate goal is to contribute 2.3 billion green units to the national grid through our IPP portfolio, propelling our nation towards a cleaner and brighter future. This implementation of an autonomous system will help us reach our goal quicker.

Since our establishment in 2010, Mahindra Susten has been at the forefront of India's green energy landscape, driven by a powerful vision. Our unwavering dedication to renewable energy serves as an example for the entire industry, inspiring others to embrace the transformative potential of clean power.

Together, we can ride the wave of innovation, harness the power of technology, and #RiseWithTech to create a better tomorrow.

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