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A Smart Portal That Seamlessly Managed 25000 Bookings in Under a Minute!


Home Newsroom Stories A Smart Portal That Seamlessly Managed 25000 Bookings in Under a Minute!
Author : mahindraadmin   Category : Technology   Published : 5/23/2023

What if we told you Mahindra Auto managed to garner 25,000 booking requests within a minute of Scorpio-N’s launch?

It doesn’t end there. What if we told you that Mahindra Auto also managed to close 100,000 booking requests within the first 30 minutes? How about all of the above was done while handling 60,000 concurrent users active on the site?

When a new SUV hits the market, the excitement to secure an early delivery of the fresh ride becomes a thrilling race. But it also brings unique challenges for sales activities, with limited introductory pricing and a first-come, first-serve strategy.

While Scorpio-N ‘s launch was the most awaited one, the Auto team anticipated the potential challenges posed by heavy customer traffic during launch events. To ensure a successful launch, they developed a game-changing solution. They introduced a completely new, cloud-based, and scalable portal. This smart portal enables the team to handle the vehicle launch, the booking event and all the subsequent processes more efficiently.

The results were simply astounding, where the bookings within the first hour garnered around USD 2.3 billion in car sales.

The success of Scorpio-N’s launch enabled the Auto team to leverage the same infrastructure and processes for the subsequent car launches.

At Mahindra, we continue to empower customers and businesses alike, paving the way for a new era where everyone can #RiseWithTech.

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