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Search Result for Tag (4 Results)

Showing Result for Tag #Technology

  • A Smart Portal That Seamlessly Managed 25000 Bookings in Under a Minute!

    What if we told you Mahindra Auto managed to garner 25,000 booking requests within a minute of Scorpio-N’s launch?

    It doesn’t end there. What if we told you that Mahindra Auto also managed to close 100,000 booking requests within the first 30 minutes? How about all of the above was done while handling 60,000 concurrent users active on the site?

  • An App That Empowers Farmers To Increase Their Crop Yields

    With smart living becoming a norm today, why should Indian farming be left behind?

    Farming is the source of income for millions of people in India. They need reliable and timely information to make the best decisions for their crops. Imagine an app for farmers that gives them practical advice and early weather warnings with just a simple tap. That’s what Atmanirbhar Krishi App does. It’s an app for agriculture developed by Tech Mahindra to empower farmers with essential knowledge for farming success.

  • Think Coding in Your Native Language

    In a world with over 6,900 languages, why should coding be limited to just one? Introducing BHAML(Bharat Markup Language), the innovative platform that revolutionizes technology education and programming languages by empowering you to code, create, and innovate in your native language.

  • Empower Dealers to Sell Smarter

    Ever wondered, if you had a unified platform that brings together all the tools you need to streamline your dealership operations and keep up with the latest technological advancements? Not just that, but it also helps you close deals faster. That's precisely what Cerebro, Mahindra's innovative CRM platform, brings to the table. With customized apps and innovative technology, Cerebro is revolutionizing how dealerships at Mahindra operate, putting critical information at their fingertips.

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