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XUV400verse - Experience Car-Buying in a New Dimension


Home Newsroom Stories XUV400verse - Experience Car-Buying in a New Dimension
Author : mahindraadmin   Category : Technology   Published : 5/12/2023

Prepare to have your concept of car buying turned upside down as we unveil an extraordinary virtual universe. With XUV400verse, we bring to you the metaverse that unleashes a new era of customer interaction.

Imagine exploring your car in a Virtual Brand Showroom. You can customize your own avatar and use the Hyper-realistic 3D Car Configurator to personalize your car. And if that's not enough, you can even take a Virtual Car Test Drive to experience the car like never before. That’s XUV400verse for you.

XUV400verse is a unique customer experience that offers photorealistic graphics, enabling enthusiasts and our customers to engage, collaborate, socialize, and have an immersive product interaction.

Since its launch 40 days ago, the platform has already hosted more than 3 Lakh visitors and its integration with our CRM platform has activated another channel for lead generation. These features, including electric vehicle technology and virtual test drive, are designed to enhance the customer experience, and they reflect our commitment to a customer-first approach.

At Mahindra, we're pushing boundaries and harnessing technology to enhance lives and #RiseWithTech

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