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Escalating urbanisation implies escalating demand for power – a requirement that conventional sources of energy alone cannot meet. The drive towards clean energy and intelligent management systems will not only fulfil tomorrow’s growing needs but also minimise losses and wastage.

Our presence across the energy chain – from energy generation to smart systems to innovative engineering – makes us uniquely poised to take up the urban energy challenge of the future.

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With over 1074 MWp of projects commissioned and under execution, we are aligned to the government's goal of increasing generation to 100 GW by 2022.


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Clean Energy


A leading solar EPC solutions provider, we offer extensive expertise in energy generation, building end-to-end solutions and engineering. We have executed and commissioned over 556 MWp of solar projects which include utility-scale, rooftop, telecom tower solutions, and DG-PV hybrids, to name a few. Through innovative solutions such as MSAT-100 – a solar tracker system which changes the position of the panels in accordance to the sun’s movement – we have increased energy production by 16-24%. What’s more, our analytics and smart monitoring systems enables quick detection and remote trouble shooting.

Smart Grid


Smart grids allow for a two-way communication between producers and consumers of energy. Our technology enables consumers to schedule their usage of power. The result is a more realistic time-of-day-based energy costing. Additionally, through the technology of block chain, we are allowing consumers to buy renewable energy of their choice directly from local producers – with no involvement of the central electricity grid.

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We want to bring solar energy into our lives and homes, by making it cheaper, more reliable and easier to connect to grid.
Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India

Mahindra Susten MACXTM – Mahindra's DG-PV Hybrid Solution


All available technologies in energy segment, be it renewable or fossil fuel based, has its own limitations. Diesel gensets are obviously a reliable source with low capital investment, but suffer from increasing fuel prices, added cost for fuel transportation and O&M. Gensets are also inefficient when run at low load factors. Meanwhile, solar is an intermittent energy resource which requires storage when not used during generation time (daylight hours) and also requires a significant capital investment but involves a low operation and maintenance cost.


  • Combining both technologies i.e. DG and PV, makes it possible to mitigate some of the above mentioned limitations
  • Our solution meets the power requirement in remote areas and industries where power outage is frequent
  • MACXTM – the central component of the solution, ensures the demand as well as source-oriented control of the photovoltaic system, depending on the load and genset characteristics.

  • The primary aim of the system is to maximise the usage of solar energy


The MACXTM has already been deployed at a test bench in Igatpuri. Observations under different operating scenarios are as below:

  • Solar + Single DG/Grid: Approx. 30% of fuel savings is achieved

  • Solar + Multiple DG/Grid: Approx. 36% of fuel savings is achieve

  • Solar + Multiple DG/Grid + Battery: Approx. 27% of fuel savings is achieved

Solar Pulse

Managing distributed solar sites using SolarPulse


Manage multiple solar PV installations across a city and integrate them with the distribution utility. This has become essential due to the following reasons:

  • With the increased spread of solar rooftop installations across a city, it is required to monitor all the assets from a central location to understand energy generation and also use the information for optimising maintenance of the plants
  • The electricity distribution utility also needs to monitor the plants to forecast energy generated from the sites and plan power purchases accordingly

Solar Pulse


  • Use low cost data loggers to acquire data from all sites. Devices monitored include inverter, MFM, WS, if applicable.
  • Transmit the data to a central cloud which runs SolarPulse to enable centralised monitoring and reporting for all sites. Inbuilt forecasting functionalities further enable the utility to plan power purchases for the next day.
Solar Pulse


  • Currently deployed on a customer portfolio of approximately 30 sites which are monitored from a single solution
  • Physical inspection requirements for sites have reduced by approx. 75% as all information is available from the solution. Time to action for faults has improved to approx. 2 days from approx. 7 days, leading to higher uptime and generation from the plants.
  • Integration with distribution utility is ongoing and this will enable the utilities to have more control over the rooftop plants and plan power purchases accordingly

Installation of solar tracker in Tamil Nadu


Arupukkotai is about 48 kms from Madurai and the land is famous for the production of Jasmine. The major challenge was the project’s stringent timeline of one month. Building a reliable, easy to maintain and fully functional system was a constraint.


  • Launched in March 2016, the project marks the first external site installation for the indigenously designed and developed Mahindra Solar Tracker –   MSAT-100. It helps in harvesting solar potential to its maximum.
  • With few moving parts and construction-friendly design, MSAT-100, is an ideal asset, which can be installed quickly. With its plug and play features the installation was completed in less than a month and within the project timelines.
  • MSAT-100 is a tracker known not just for its fast installation, but also for zero maintenance.


  • In the last six months of its operation since May 2016, the site has recorded an average tracker uptime of 99.6%.
  • It has also resulted in an exceptional gain of 23% with respect to fixed tilt.
  • The project has helped to save 1027450 tonnes of CO₂ annually




Mahindra Susten

A leader in India’s solar market, Mahindra Susten symbolises our commitment to create renewable energy and earth-friendly solutions. We undertake turnkey projects for utility-scale and rooftop solar solutions, solar DG hybrid solutions, solar products, and telecom tower solarisation.