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The influx of population to urban cities has brought numerous challenges to the local government. They have the responsibility of serving every citizen with the best of public services. It calls for innovative ways of monitoring and automating governance for maximum efficiency.

With our vast IT experience, we are aiding local governments to make functions simpler – for both themselves and their citizens.


Smart cities need smart governance. A government that can stay ahead of the technology curve can better serve its citizens.



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Our skills span Governance Advisory Services, Women Safety Awareness and Training, and Information Security Management Services. We have also aided local government bodies in the design and implementation of surveillance networks comprising IP CCTVs, ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Registration), Video Analytics, Mobile Surveillance Systems, Command & Control Centre – all to step up public safety. Additionally, our multi-technology services such as biometrics, digital forensics, predictive analytics and mobility apps ensure maximum security for citizens.

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E-governance helps in building more transparency and trust between the government and the citizen – an essential factor in good governance. It also makes paper work simpler and more intuitive for the citizen – boosting ease in delivery of public services. Setting up of web/app governance portals, for instance, has given citizens a single touch point for multiple services, including tax payment, information on civic services, public grievance and RTI, to name a few.

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We strive to create cities that are safe to live in. Our prompt and integrated emergency response systems make security accessible to anyone, at anywhere and at anytime. DIAL 100 is an integrated helpline for police, fire and medical emergencies across the state of Uttar Pradesh (UP). Citizens can call for help via landline, mobile, SMS, email, or VoIP; it gives them the flexibility of uploading pictures, videos or documents that can be used as evidence.

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Access to governance has to be guranteed with transparent systems that deliver responses and outcomes. The strengthening of democratic governance empowers the population to become active partners in the growth process.
Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India

DIAL 100: Emergency Response Management in Uttar Pradesh (UP)


Provide prompt integrated emergency response to all anytime, anywhere in Uttar Pradesh

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  • Integration of smart city surveillance, Crime Criminal Tracking Network System (CCTNS), highway patrol management and disaster management
  • Command & control centre with computer-aided dispatch centre available 24x7
  • Connection can be made through any mode of communication – landline, mobile, SMS, email or VoIP
  • 3200 four-wheelers and 1600 two-wheelers with Mobile Data Terminals (MDTs)


With average police response time of 15 minutes in urban areas and 20 minutes in rural areas, the response management system is catering to:

  • 220 million people
  • 75 districts
  • 1,07,452 villages
  • 689 cities & towns
  • 2,40,948 sq. kms of area

Smart City Surveillance in Lucknow


According to a report released by The National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) in June 2014, Uttar Pradesh topped in the lists of various crimes and violations. Hence, there was a need for safety measures to be implemented. Smart City Surveillance is a step in this direction.


The key highlights of the project are as follows:

  • 280 IP CCTV cameras installed across 70 critical junctions including 10 entry/exit points to Lucknow city
  • 40 cameras with Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system for monitoring vehicle movement
  • One mobile command & control centre
  • Centralised command & control system with integration capabilities


We have very effectively incorporated the vision of a safe and secure city.

  • Commended as the fastest-implemented Smart City Surveillance project by an Indian Police department
  • More than 500 electronic challans have been handed to traffic offenders till date
  • Police Control Rooms have been set up with trained personnel to monitor data captured by CCTV cameras 24x7
  • Decrease in overall crime rate

E-Governance portal for the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD)


The MCD is amongst the largest municipal bodies in India providing civic services to an estimated population of more than 13.78 million citizens. It wanted to make services more convenient and accessible to its citizens.


Creation of an e-governance portal intended to enrich citizens’ life by providing services like:

  • Urban Planning
  • Public Health Services
  • Primary education delivery
  • Tax Collection (Toll and Property tax)
  • Managing of civic services
  • Civil construction related works
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  • Easy access to all information
  • Better e-services to all stakeholders
  • Single point of entry to all applications across the organisation




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As India’s leading corporate security risk consulting firm, we help to reduce risk and enhance competitive advantage for business centers. Our risk mitigation advisories – comprising ex-forces officers and domain experts – enable stakeholders to secure their physical and information assets.