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Livablity Intro

Rapid urbanisation is a complex challenge today. And developing holistic ecosystems that offer inclusive and high standards of living – even in the face of expansion – is paramount.

Our diverse capabilities of building sustainable cities span across conceptualisation to planning, to design and infrastructure development. As one of India’s leading real estate developers, we have not one, but two integrated cities in our portfolio.

At the heart of our abilities is a home-grown approach – an emphasis on culture, communities, and connectedness that lends a warmth of purpose to our smart cities.

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Building smart cities that redefine what the world calls,
‘sustainable urbanisation’.


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With over two decades of experience in city planning, we have executed a multitude of projects around the world. Our approach to planning is to combine green design with affordability. And we apply this philosophy to every blueprint – whether a premium sports complex, or an industrial corridor, or an integrated city.



Through high-quality urban spaces, we have democratised home ownership for residents. Our homes emulate the twin-philosophy of 'healthy living' and 'green design'. Using energy-efficient techniques such as Cellular Lightweight Concrete (fly ash) during construction, and environment-friendly concepts such as rain water harvesting, we promote a healthier view of the future.



In every project we undertake, we ensure that we are deeply committed to the parameters of carbon neutrality, water security, clean energy, and more. Our pledge to the environment is manifested in our affiliation with EP100 – a global commitment by The Climate Group to double energy productivity by 2030.

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Mahindra World City is a magnificent example of a fully planned and integrated business city that offers an ideal blend of world-class infrastructure along with new-age business and lifestyle facilities.
NR Narayana Murthy, Founder and Chairman Emeritus, Infosys

Building Integrated cities of tomorrow


To ease pressures of increasing urbanisation by building economic nerve centres adjoining existing metros which attract investment employment and provide an enhanced quality of living.


  • Build integrated cities at Jaipur and Chennai in PPP venture with state governments (TIDCO / RIICO)
  • Sustainable and green development on high growth corridors including various business zones (SEZs, DTAs)


Mahindra World City, Chennai:

  • Spread over 1550 acres
  • 3 sector specific SEZ and DTA – housing more than 65 corporates
  • 285 acres of residential, retail and social infrastructure
  • Generated employment of 38,000 (direct) with cumulative exports of over USD 7600 million and cumulative investment of over USD 3400 million (as of March 2016)

Mahindra World City, Jaipur:

  • Spread over 3000 acres
  • 3 sector specific SEZ and DTA – housing more than 60+ corporates
  • 500 acres of residential, retail and social infrastructure
  • Generated employment of 11,063 with cumulative exports of USD 174 million and cumulative investment of USD 441 million (as of March 2016)

Large scale carbon positive development at Mahindra World City, Jaipur


Develop and implement low carbon transformation strategies for urban development to scale of 3000 acres

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  • Establish baseline of carbon emissions on conventional growth model
  • Work with diverse stakeholders to identify carbon abatement strategies in the areas of energy efficiency, water efficiency, waste management, low carbon transport solutions and low carbon–community interventions
  • Develop robust framework and roadmap to develop climate positive urban development at Mahindra World City, Jaipur
  • Develop partnerships with both internal and external stakeholders on the journey of being climate positive at full development
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  • Mahindra World City, Jaipur is the world’s largest city to receive the C40 Stage 2 Climate Positive Development Program.
  • 210 kWp roof-top solar has been commissioned as model project at commercial operations of Mahindra World City, Jaipur.
  • 800 LED lamps have been distributed to nearby villages to reduce carbon footprint.
  • 60% of water is recycled to reduce dependence on fresh water.
  • Energy efficiency measures have been implemented.

Mahindra-TERI Centre of Excellence


Influence larger industry on adoption of green housing and reduce the cost of green construction.

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  • Identify a suitable partner to establish a Centre of Excellence (CoE)
  • Develop work plan and methodology along with the partner covering research plans, training and policy advocacy
  • Get peer review done from other industry stakeholders on the objectives, work plan and deliverables of the CoE
  • Review the progress of CoE along with the Technical Executive Committee
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  • TERI has been identified as partner to steer the CoE
  • MoU was executed between MLDL and TERI on 20ᵗʰ May, 2016 to set up the CoE
  • Industry stakeholders including IIT Mumbai, ACC, Saint Gobain and Ar. Ashok Lall, conducted the peer review
  • A lab was launched on 7ᵗʰ October, 2016 at the World Sustainable Development Summit (WSDS)

Making home ownership a possible dream through Happinest


Provide affordable housing with amenities to the low & middle income population in India.


  • Scalable technologies such as Mivan Technology are used.
  • CLC bricks, prefabricated fittings are used to deliver homes at an attractive ticket price of 0.1 million INR.
  • Locations are selected on the basis of proximity to employment centres like IT hubs, Industrial SEZs in the vicinity of major metros like Mumbai and Chennai.


  • Happinest was launched in 2014
  • Over 1100 homes have been sold at Avadi and Boisar near Chennai and Mumbai respectively
  • Over 600 homes of Phase 1 at Avadi have been delivered in just 20 months
  • Over 350 homes of Phase 1 at Boisar were ready for possession by December 2016
  • Approvals are awaited for the launch of third project at Palghar



Mahindra Consulting

We are India’s first developer to create affordable green homes and integrated cities. We are also among the first to receive the ‘Platinum’ rating pre-certification from IGBC. Our resolve is to reduce the carbon footprint of our developments, without sacrificing the well-being and comfort of our residents.