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#RiseForAMoreEqualWorld - Nayan Manohar Fadke


Home Newsroom #RiseForAMoreEqualWorld - Nayan Manohar Fadke
Author : mahindraadmin   Category : ESG   Published : 1/13/2023

Showing us how far determination can take someone, Nayan Manohar Fadke, (Customer Manager, Mahindra Home Finance) shares his story to help us #RiseForAMoreEqualWorld.

“When I lost my right arm and leg to a rail accident, I thought my life and future ambitions were done for. I felt I was not only handicapped physically, but mentally as well. But I did not lose hope. I am a fighter, and I challenged myself to face every difficulty that crossed my way. My family, friends, and colleagues stood by my side, and constantly kept encouraging me. The support and my passion towards work gave me confidence to beat all odds.

In 2018, my friend recommended me for a job at Mahindra Home Finance. After which I was called for an interview and was eventually selected.

Disability does not define the abilities of a person. In India, people with disabilities are considered less than normal people, which is not true. I am working and being given the same opportunities as others at Mahindra Home Finance. I believe every workplace should be disabled friendly, and the use of technology will further assist people with disabilities to do their work efficiently and quickly.

I love working at Mahindra Home Finance. As a commerce graduate, I have always been interested in the financial sector. I come to work with great enthusiasm because I am doing the thing that interests me the most. The excitement to carry out my duties has helped me perform better and focus on my career growth.

At Mahindra Home finance, I learnt and understood various aspects of credit, different credit products, and its recovery. My desire to learn has encouraged me to be on the lookout for ways to upgrade my skills, and to apply them at my workplace - which I feel has impacted me positively.

he message I would like to give to others is that “One should not give up, stand strong, and be confident. You are more than you think.”

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