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Search Result for Tag (3 Results)

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  • Krish-e launches IoT based Smart Kit for farm equipment

    With the Krish-e Smart Kit, Mahindra aims to track and digitise every acre and kilometre of rental activity carried out in the country

    Mumbai, March 30, 2023: Krish-e Mahindra’s AgTech business launched the Krish-e Smart Kit (KSK).

    An after-market device, the Krish-e Smart Kit is the first-of-its-kind smart device that provides equipment owners with detailed insights of their tractors and farm equipment, through GPS enabled time tracking and remote monitoring of various parameters from the comfort of a smart phone.

  • Mahindra Group ups stake in Ag-tech start-up Carnot to 69%

    Mumbai, March 22, 2022: Mahindra Group has increased its stake in Carnot Technologies, an ag-tech start-up, to approximately 69%. The group has also affirmed its commitment to its vision of making Krish-e, the group’s farming as a service vertical, India’s largest ecosystem of digital products and solutions. As part of the round, an attractive ESOP pool for future employees has also been created.

  • Mahindra rolls out Krish-e Centres in Maharashtra

    • Krish-e - Mahindra’s new ‘Farming as a Service’ (FaaS) business kicks off a digital era in Indian agriculture.
    • Offers farmers a wide variety of technology-driven services customised to crops and stages in the crop cycle.
    • Leverages the power of Agronomy, Mechanisation and Digitisation to raise farmers’ income per acre of land.
    • Roll out of the first set of Krish-e centres in Maharashtra to offer Agronomy, Equipment Rental and Digitisation services, supported by three farmer facing

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