Talent Acquisition programs

Recruitment Programs


Engineering Trainees Program

Every year, we hire outstanding graduates across the engineering disciplines to work predominantly in our Automotive, Farm Equipment, and IT businesses, as well as in select positions in other sectors. We seek independent thinkers with a strong work ethic who are comfortable taking risks with new ideas, and working as team players. In particular, the Automotive and Farm Equipment sectors look for talented mechanical, civil, and electrical/electronics engineers, while the IT sector seeks computer science, electronics, and IT engineers.


Group Management Cadre

The Group Management Cadre (GMC) program recruits highly talented MBA graduates, empowering them to jumpstart their careers in key positions at Mahindra. We hire from the best B Schools, and currently have over 100 GMCs within the Group. The GMC is a fast-paced, challenging programme that grooms high potential managers for leadership positions over a 12 to 15 years time horizon.

Learning & Development

Group Level Training Programs


Mahindra Institute of Quality

MIQ is a world-class institute based in Nasik, India. It was created in 2006 to impart Quality Management competencies across the Group and over the years has developed a portfolio of training programmes that provide end-to-end quality management lessons in areas like TQM and Manufacturing Excellence programmes like Lean Manufacturing & Supply Chain improvements.


Mahindra Universe Program

The Mahindra Universe Programme is an annual on-campus event that gathers 35-40 top global managers of Mahindra and their spouses at the Harvard Business School. Aimed at fostering a whole-brained approach, this pioneering programme seeks to broaden managerial views, provide opportunities to engage with globally-acclaimed faculty and allows managers to take stock of where the world-at-large is headed.