• Mahindra Great Escape

    The off-road adventure.

    Mahindra Great Escape

The Mahindra Great Escape is India’s largest non-competitive off-road rally.  It began in 1996 when a small group of Mahindra sport utility vehicle (SUV) owners got together for a day of off-roading adventure. Since then, it’s become an integral part of the Mahindra culture.


The Great Escape gives Mahindra owners the chance to fully explore their vehicle’s capabilities.  Known for their rugged power, Mahindra vehicles excel when they are put to the test.  Our expert teams map out challenging routes through mud, slush, sand, and rugged terrain across India.  Sections requiring skillful driving are monitored by experts on hand. 


Since 1996, we’ve held 62 rallies across India in exciting locations including Jodhpur, Siliguri, Bhopal, Munnar, Chandigarh, Mandawa, Coorg and Goa.  Join us this year for a thrill you’ll never forget.


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