• Gio

    Mahindra Gio

We designed the Gio for intra-city cargo movers who need a compact, hardy truck that can carry small quantities of goods over rough roads.  Through its reliability, function-specific size, and superior driving experience, the Gio makes hard work easier for the drivers who depend on it every day.


With the imperative for reliability in mind, we gave the Gio an engine that’s both powerful and low maintenance.  We worked hard to make long drives more pleasant by reducing the noisiness and vibrations that cause driver fatigue.  And the Gio’s superior mileage of 27 kmpl helps owners keep down fuel costs.


The Gio is carefully designed to optimize city drivability.  It’s compact enough to handle city traffic, but offers an ample 0.5 ton cargo box.  And its tight turning radius optimizes maneuverability in small spaces and crowds. 


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