• Flyte


Affordable and convenient, the Flyte grants you the freedom to go where you want, when you want.  


The Flyte is designed for convenience, comfort, and style. We added a specially designed fuel tank inlet on the front, so you can stay seated while you refuel. Everything from books to clothes to shopping bags are easy to fit and easy to find in the largest-ever 22 liter dual compartment.  And the four-in-one key system multitasks to start the ignition, open the fuel lock, lock the handle, and prevent theft.


Driving in city traffic is easy with the Flyte. Equipped with a powerful 125 cc engine and a longer wheelbase to improve stability, it’s agile even in stop-and-start traffic. We developed a superior telescopic suspension system to smooth over potholes and cobblestones. 


With its sleek lines and the choice of seven different colors, the Flyte is an affirmation of personality and independence. 


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