• Pantero


The Pantero was designed for the urban jungle. Underneath its sturdy frame is the indigenously developed MCi-5 engine. The microchip ignited engine intelligently selects one of the 5 ignition curves depending on the riding and load condition. Depending on the requirement it delivers mileage and accelaration on the go to give the rider power just when it's required.



The Pantero's sleek urban styling efficiently intelligently combines space utilization with efficient design. Its fuel tank sports a fully flush aircraft styled fuel cap and has among the highest fuel capacity in its class. A trapezoidal headlamp, combined with the longest seat and digital speedometer are the first in its class of motorcycles to gives riders a functionality without compromizing on the agility required in cramped urban spaces. The maneuverability of the Pantero is unmatched giving its rider an edge over others in the Indian riding conditions.



The Mahindra Pantero has been designed to work hard and deliver performance to those who want the maximum out of their motorcycle.