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Mahindra Partners

A 1 Bn USD Private Equity & Venture Capital division of the Mahindra Group, Mahindra Partners also incubates new businesses for the Group. Their mission is to accelerate value creation through a diversified global portfolio of emergent businesses. Today, their portfolio spans across multiple industries namely logistics, steel processing, renewable energy, conveyor systems, vocational education, retail, consulting infrastructure projects, luxury, boat manufacturing, media, IoT and shared mobility.


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Sector Level Programs

The Mind Games

Mind Games is a unique initiative for Talent Development and Ideation where teams of 3 employees (across functions) from each portfolio company of Mahindra Partners choose to work on live business cases of other portfolio companies and devise innovative yet viable solutions. It has helped generate some insightful business ideas and created an effective platform for learning and exposure for employees.

Signature Learning Program

In June 2016, Mahindra Partners launched its flagship Learning Program targeting junior to mid-level managers across its portfolio companies. With an aim to create whole-brained leaders at Mahindra Partners, the program aims to give participants a holistic view of leadership and broaden their horizons through exposure to a diversity of disciplines and perspectives.


Meet the Lead

Launched in May 2014, Meet the Lead is a unique Talent Development initiative which gives young employees the opportunity to interact with senior leaders in Mahindra Partners and internalise the leader's career path. Targeting the 20% component of the "70-20-10" principle of Learning, the emphasis is on building a formal platform for speed-mentoring and mutual exchange of experiences within the Division.

Culture And Benefits

Be it team dinners or a simple birthday celebration, Mahindra Partners believes in creating an exhilarating environment at work!
Every year the entire corporate team heads off to an offsite location for a few days where they get to see new facets of their colleagues as a few days of adventure and bonding turn colleagues into friends. Mahindra Partners celebrates a whole range of festivals with great aplomb- be it Holi, Diwali, Eid, Christmas or Valentine's day, a plethora of activities are planned which not only celebrate these festivals but also foster team cohesion.

we take good care of our own

Something Special


The Partners for Change Conclave

At Mahindra Partners, we constantly endeavour to build synergy and collaboration in order to leverage on the collective strengths within the Division. Every year, the Senior Leadership Team of Mahindra Partners Corporate along with senior leaders of its portfolio companies gather together for the Annual Partners for Change Leadership Conclave. The team discusses the year gone by, its learnings and challenges and also undergoes sessions with external Subject Matter Experts on areas of strategic importance to the Division



Medley is the in-house quarterly magazine of Mahindra Partners which serves as a forum for Mahindra Partners employees to communicate and engage with the vertical as a whole. It provides a platform for our senior leadership to air their views, their opinions and their idiosyncrasies with the rest of the janta. It also gives a voice to employees to give suggestions, feedback and ideas to the senior leadership and to each other.


Mahindra Partners strongly believes in the power of collective wisdom of functional subject matter experts. Through the formation of Councils, it aims to leverage synergies and acquaint its portfolio companies with the latest functional trends and best practices deployed within and outside the Mahindra Group, enabling functional experts to partner with business more effectively and drive performance. Currently, the Division has an active HR, Finance and Diversity & Inclusion Council which runs its own projects and interventions with participation across the Division.