Mahindra is Taking Rapid Action to Keep You Safe

The Mahindra Group is carefully monitoring the rapidly evolving Covid-19 pandemic and continues to take appropriate actions to ensure the safety of its employees and help limit the spread of the virus within the communities in which we operate. Employee well-being and safety is paramount and minimising the business risks are a priority for the Group even as we contribute our best to the global efforts to contain the spread of the disease.

Some of the measures that we have taken for our office locations, include:

  • A Group-level Rapid Action Force (RAF) has been formed to constantly monitor the situation and suggest swift and effective action in case of an emergency.
  • An emergency helpline has been established.
  • As part of efforts to sensitise the employees, an awareness campaign has been launched to educate them about the virus, its cause and prevention, maintaining social distance and personal hygiene and seeking immediate medical assistance if required. The campaign also stresses the importance of remaining calm and staying informed through credible sources of information.
  • We have implemented work-from-home as appropriate and feasible, while ensuring business continuity. Employees will leverage a host of technology tools at their disposal to facilitate smooth and agile collaboration within and across teams.
  • Frequent cleaning, sanitation and fumigation inside the premises to prevent to pre-empt the outbreak of the disease.
  • Restrictions have been imposed on domestic and all international travel.
  • We have postponed all our internal events which required large gatherings and advised everyone to adequately leverage technologies like Tele Presence and Video Conferencing.
  • Self-isolation is advised in case an employee or their family member who has travelled from any of the red-listed countries in the past 15 days.
  • We have a visitor management protocol in place where only pre-registered visitors are allowed into the office premises. The pre-registration requires the host employees to provide details of the visitor including their travel to any of the red-listed countries in the past two weeks. All employees and pre-registered visitors are screened for temperature using thermal-sensing devices or infrared thermometers at all locations' entry points.

For some of the business-critical roles including manufacturing, we continue to take stringent preventive measures - related to both hygiene and social distancing. We have created protocols to ensure strict adherence and pre-emptive measures for containment in case of an emergency.

All necessary safety measures have been deployed at Mahindra manufacturing plants.

Driving Positive Change in Farming

Life has definitely changed for the better for the women of Rangana Koppalu village in Karnataka’s Hunsur taluk, admits Mangala Gowri. One of the many women who shoulder the responsibilities of home and hearth in rural India, 41-year-old Mangala is today a self-confident woman who takes her own decisions.

The change has been brought about by Mahindra’s Prerna Initiative which has empowered women like Mangala and given them the confidence to be independent decision makers. The Prerna Initiative was launched by Mahindra & Mahindra in Odisha in October 2017 and later expanded to Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Karnataka.

The Mahindra Group has partnered the Central Institution for Women in Agriculture, Indian Council for Agricultural Research, BAIF Development Research Foundation and the NGO Pradhan for the Prerna Initiative.

Each Prerna cluster comprises 100 ‘Champion’ women farmers, who each train 10 other women. Each cluster, therefore, covers 1,000 women. The women are trained to use gender-neutral, easy to use farm tools such as a battery sprayer which increase farm productivity and income while reducing drudgery. The women are also taught to prepare organic fertilisers and pesticides at home using locally available resources.

“Through Prerna, we aim to empower women farmers with the necessary opportunities, training and equipment to be better skilled and more productive in farming operations,” says Rajesh Jejurikar, President, Farm Equipment Sector (FES), Mahindra & Mahindra.

The farmers of Rangana Koppalu have also resorted to mixed cropping as a result of this initiative. Mainly tobacco farmers, they are gradually switching to ragi (finger millet) and toor dal (pigeon peas) as their main crops, and intercropping them with avarekai (Hyacinth beans), hesuru (green gram), vellu (sesame seeds) and vegetables. “Through the use of better-quality seeds, we harvested 14 quintals of ragi per acre,” says Roja Mahesha, a 25-year-old farmer.

The once-shy women have also gained in confidence. They participate in the gram sabhas and social meetings, and are now able to voice their opinions without hesitation. “We were confined to our homes and didn’t know the details of our own farm lands,” says 38-year-old Shashikala Lokesh.

Apart from agricultural practices, the Prerna Initiative also conducts sessions on health, hygiene and nutrition so as to bring about holistic development. The programme has also resulted in the digital empowerment of these women; they now know how to use smartphones, are part of WhatsApp groups where they discuss agricultural practices, and have learnt how to transfer money online. These women are well on the road to equality and self-reliance.

How Conscious Consumerism is Taking Root in India

  • It is said that most people are unaware of the climate crisis.
  • A new survey conducted in India suggests this is untrue.
  • By offering green alternatives, leaders can help to nudge people towards more sustainable behaviours.

Human beings have experienced an incredible period of development for more than a century. Global average life expectancy has increased from around 30 years in 1900 to more than 70 today. The global economy is around 80 times larger than it was in 1900. It has been a period for life-altering inventions and discoveries. There have been step changes in every industry - and many new industries have been spawned.

As we traversed this path of spectacular development, however, we took natural resources for granted. We believed there were more natural resources than we could use and that we could live in whatever manner we found convenient; ecosystem services such as clean water, clean air, pollination and soil fertility would not be compromised. The way in which we adopted new technology showed that we valued its conveniences much more than its consequences. It is also clear that we did not treat all people well all the time.

Consequently, we are now at a stage where we are many times more prosperous than a century ago, have a much higher chance of living a long life, enjoy marvellous opportunities in education, employment and enjoyment - and yet the olden days are still viewed with a golden hue.

Unintended consequences of the technologies invented and used by human beings include polluted air, water scarcity, polluted oceans, degraded soils and contaminated food. The fossil fuels that have given us energy and caused a revolution in mobility are now considered villains, as is the hitherto wonder material as plastic. The carbon that is emitted as result of humans’ modern lifestyles is causing the earth to become warmer much more rapidly than ever before.

The latest UN Environment Programme (UNEP) Emissions Gap Report states that greenhouse gas emissions grew at an average of 1.6% per year between 2008 and 2017. It further adds that with the policies currently in place, the world is heading for a 3.5°C temperature increase this century compared to pre-industrial levels. This is way above the 1.5°C rise that scientists believe will be a sustainable level for people on earth.

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Tech Mahindra to drive Innoveo’s Digital Transformation

Tech Mahindra will partner Innoveo, a leading Zurich-based technology software provider, to drive digital transformation and enhance its global customer experience in insurance, banking and wealth management.

The two enterprises will jointly leverage ‘No-Code’ platforms to accelerate the launch of custom-built applications without software coding in real-time across all banking, wealth management and insurance sectors for their collective network of clients.

“Through our partnership with Innoveo, Tech Mahindra will enable the digitisation of sales and distribution channels for enterprises to ensure the launch of new products in real-time, help them trade financial and insurance products through multiple distribution channels, and improve efficiency of processes,” Gautam Bhasin, Global Head Banking, Financial Services and Insurance, Tech Mahindra, said.

Innoveo Skye®, the flagship product of the Tech Mahindra and Innoveo collaboration, empowers businesses with the ability to launch powerful applications up to 10 times faster than the conventional development process.

Innoveo Skye® is fast and flexible, enabling financial businesses and carriers to go to market with new products in a matter of weeks.

"While the demands for agility, market proximity and the flexibility to adapt to new trends are constantly increasing, digital businesses are struggling with restrictions in terms of development capacity and the integration capability of its often-monolithic back-end legacy systems, said Amir Ghaffar, CEO, Innoveo.

“Our partnership and our flagship product Innoveo Skye® will open up differentiated solutions and opportunities for the customers of our two companies for faster implementation and innovation in the business environment,” he added.

This collaboration aligns with Tech Mahindra’s TechMNxt charter, focused on leveraging next-generation technologies like cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, blockchain, 5G, and internet of things to disrupt and enable digital transformation, to build cutting-edge technology solutions and services for customers globally.

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