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Efficient use of a precious commodity like water, and safe disposal of waste are hallmarks of a smart city. Our expertise includes creating robust and resilient infrastructures to maximise the potential of every drop of water and to minimise wastage.

At Mahindra, we have dedicated ourselves to the reuse of greywater at our factories. And our waste-to-energy solutions allow organic waste to power cities.


Increasing urban population puts tremendous stress on water levels. What can we do to give back more than we consume?





We believe efficient water management systems should feature measurement, traceability and sequencing. Coupled with smart technologies, we have created systems for every eventuality, and any unforeseen expansion. From city-wide projects constituting over a 100 million litres a day to micro irrigation projects – we have created solutions at every scale.

Waste Management


We follow a zero waste philosophy. And the key is to manage waste at every stage in the hierarchy– right from prevention to minimisation, to reuse, recycling, energy recovery and disposal. At Mahindra World City, for instance, we are powering buses, tractors and street lights by converting organic waste into CNG. What’s more, we are piloting GSM-enabled, solar-powered garbage compaction bins that not only call for a pick-up when it’s full, but also optimise the route of the waste collection vehicle.


It is a moment of pride for us as we inaugurate the Bio-CNG plant at Mahindra World City, Chennai, and in the process participate in the larger cause of energy conservation.
Dr. Pawan Goenka, Managing Director, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.

Tirupur Water Supply & Sewerage Project


Tirupur is located in Tamil Nadu and is India’s largest producer of cotton knitwear. Water supply is essential to the industry. Traditionally, groundwater and water tankers have been used to tackle the lack of water supply. Additionally, immense groundwater pollution due to chemical dyes has added to the complexity of the problem.


  • India’s first PPP venture in the water sector was created with New Tirupur Area Development Corporation (NTADC) as the project owner
  • Mahindra Water Utilities was entrusted with the O&M contract
  • The plant is highly automated and has the following features:

1. Centralised monitoring and control through SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition)
2. Real-time continuous monitoring of quality and quantity
3. Zero discharge
4. 24x7 customer service


  • 24x7 customer supply
  • Nearly 100% quality compliance
  • Water treatment plant operated effectively even during adverse river conditions
  • Water losses maintained consistently within 7% since 2006

Smart Bins for Smart Cities


There are no smart bin manufacturers in India and existing international models are expensive. So, the challenge is to provide India’s own data-driven waste management solution.


  • Designed and fabricated a basic structure with functional mechanical components
  • Redesigned the structure with sheet metal from mass manufacturing point of view
  • Designed electronics with all sensors and actuation on Arduino Mega


  • Currently, we are working on integrating the bin with trash pick-up operations. An in-house app is being developed with machine learning algorithm for the trash pick-up optimisation.
  • The app will enable central monitoring and control which will help in effective waste management.
  • Very soon, the product prototype will be ready for showcase.

Powering urban centres through Bio-CNG ecosystem


Convert organic waste into useful energy to power a metropolitan city.


  • Biogas technology is normally used as a household fuel with a few other applications
  • The solution aims at providing urban energy self-reliance to metropolitan cities
  • Mahindra collaborated with leading research institutes like the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi to develop a waste-to-energy solution


  • Mahindra's Bio-CNG plant with a capacity of 10 tonnes per day is fully operational in Mahindra World City (MWC), Chennai
  • The plant provides power to street lamps across MWC, Chennai
  • 400 kg of CNG grade fuel is produced daily and propels Mahindra Tourister bio-CNG buses for 2800 kms a day. These buses are used as shuttle buses inside the Mahindra World City, Chennai.
  • The plant also powers bio-CNG Mahindra Jeeto and tractors which are used for collecting waste and cultivation
  • 4 tonnes of organic manure is produced daily
  • The solution is scalable to provide urban energy self-reliance to large metropolitan areas


Our Company

Mahindra Water Utilities manages, operates and maintains India’s largest water distribution project in Tirupur. We are also the first Indian water utilities company to secure ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001: 2007 certification – proof of our commitment to international standards of water safety.