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M&M’s Farm Equipment Sector bags Advanced Special Award for TPM

A feather in the cap for Mahindra's Farm Equipment Sector that brings farm tech prosperity to the Indian farmer through technologically superior affordable solutions.

In a record achievement, Mahindra & Mahindra's Farm Equipment Sector (FES), the largest tractor company in the world (by volume) for the past 30 years, has won the prestigious TPM Advanced Special Award at an awards ceremony in Japan recently.

This highly coveted recognition is given by the Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance (JIPM) for the significant improvement in operational efficiencies across organizational value chain delivering 'zero defect and reliable products'.

This award is a significant step towards commitment for zero defect, zero accident and zero breakdowns. The TPM Advanced Special Award from JIPM is a testimony to the highest levels of collaboration and personal commitments from the various team members across the organization.

Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) talks of better utilization of maintenance and production resources. Through the implementation of TPM, improvement in productivity, quality, cost, delivery, safety and morale can be achieved.

M&M's TPM journey started in 2006 to develop an ecosystem for maintaining and improving operational efficiencies. Here’s looking at the major milestones achieved by FES:

  • TPM Excellence Award (2010) – Built the culture of achieving Zero BADS (Breakdowns, Accidents, Defects) with Higher Equipment Efficiencies in plants.
  • TPM Consistency Award (2012) – Improvement in manpower productivity, a substantial reduction in the breakdown of critical machines and developed equipment competent operators across plants.
  • TPM Special Award (2015) – Expanded the scope of TPM activities focusing on lean concepts - NVA reduction across supply value chain (introduction of supplier TPM clusters)

TPM Goalposts - Building the zero-based culture

  • Zero Loss Factory – Zero breakdown plant and flexible manufacturing
  • Zero Defect Plants – Zero defect stations
  • Supplier and Dealer TPM – Unique framework for mutual benefits
  • Digitization (Industry 4.O) at plants and across the supply chain – For ‘Quantum Impact’ on key operational metrics
  • Predictive and reliability centered maintenance