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Search Result for Tag (45 Results)

Showing Result for Tag ##75YearsOfMahindra

  • Limited means are not an obstacle to success


    “Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” — Confucius. This famous saying is a way of life for Chennai-based Kanmani, one of the Mahindra Pride School alumni.

  • Saluting courage, the Mahindra Way!


    Mahindra honours extraordinary individuals who, against heavy odds, script extraordinary tales of valour. Probably one of its kind, the Group recognises individuals for their supreme act of courage. At the risk of their own lives, these Bravehearts have saved people's lives and are the pride of the company.



  • Building confidence on the path of success


    Overcoming extreme poverty, Nanhi Kali beneficiary Neha Jamdade has aced her Class 12 examination and has set her eyes on an IAS career

    Securing a commendable 84.2 per cent in the Class 10 board examination was not a cakewalk for Neha Jamdade. She was the pride of her school – Nashik Municipality Corporation School in Amrutdham in Maharashtra. But achieving this milestone was a tale filled with hardships – financial and social. But Neha managed to conquer all.

  • Driven by excellence: Journey to Industry 4.0


    Mahindra Group, which began its journey in 1945, has had manufacturing excellence at the centre of its operations since the very beginning. Mahindra’s plants score high on manufacturing technology, operational excellence, environmental sustainability and social responsibility.

    Becoming a global manufacturing hub

  • When the mind is strong, nothing else matters


    Born with a physical affliction, Aruna discovered – with the help of Mahindra Pride School – that she had abilities stronger than her disability

    As a child, Aruna suffered immensely due to a polio-induced condition that paralysed the lower part of her body. More than physical, the agony was emotional and mental as the condition forced her to become a burden on her parents, especially her father.

  • Mahindra Group: Making of a brand identity


    It was in the year 2012. Mahindra had evolved from being a major manufacturer of tractors and SUVs to a federation of companies engaged in multiple sectors, including information technology, finance, hospitality, real estate and defence and aerospace. As the businesses grew, the new sectors adopted the then Mahindra logo to suit their needs in their own formats. Hence, there was a need to showcase 'One Mahindra' to the world with businesses that ranged from the founding sectors to the new age sectors of the 21st century.



  • A Dream Fulfilled, A Door Opened


    A helping hand – form Mahindra Pride School – at the right moment gave Durgadas the momentum he needed to enter a new world

    “A dream is not what you see in sleep, a dream is something which doesn't let you sleep,” this quote by Dr APJ Abdul Kalam aptly described the situation that Durgadas Pawar, a resident of a Pune suburb, found himself in a few years back.

  • Braving all odds to pursue the dream


    The Mahindra All India Talent Scholarship helped Karthik complete his education and support his mother financially. His story is an example of how to face challenges head-on and rise above them

  • Living our purpose — celebrating Rise!


  • Quality Excellence at Mahindra


    Product and service quality are not destinations in themselves but part of a longer, ever evolving journey towards continuous improvement. At Mahindra, quality focus is part of our core values and is synonymous with excellence, value to customers, conformance to specification and standards, fitness for use and ultimately, customer satisfaction.

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