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Quick update

I check the app to see how much charge it has left. 60% - approx 40 kms. Shoot! It will definitely need more juice.

e2oPlus App
Thankfully I can put it to charge through the app itself. Quick shower. Breakfast. And I’m ready to roll.
Full charge – check
Unlock car – check
Turn on AC – check
Wow! I can’t believe I did all of that from the 14th floor, through my phone.
A new adventure
So where to first? I’ve always wanted to see the Qutub Minar. The GPS says it’s just 4 kms away. Let’s go. The mood is just perfect for some Ed Sheeran. Blast away.

Let’s go e2oPlus

Alrighty, time to head back. I’ll stop by a small restaurant on the way and pack some paranthas for dinner.

Spacious and superb
Let me pack my stuff. Oh wow! This car has a big boot. I can’t believe I managed to fit in my grocery bags in here, along with my new shoe shelf.
An extra boost of power
It’s 7 PM already! It’s taking a while to reach. Wait. What’s this? I’m low on charge. Shoot. How do I get back? REVive: 5 extra kms! Just enough to make it home. This electric wonder doesn’t let me down.

The Mahindra e2oPlus is an all-electric hatchback, built ground up by Mahindra Electric. Designed to outsmart the chaos of streets, the e2oPlus is a perfect city car.