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Inclusive Work Culture

Diversity and gender neutrality form part of the working environment; encouraging and promoting women Associates to grow professionally.

Our Vision

As an organisation, we are committed to Rise for a more equal world. We strive to build a caring, fair and thriving culture.

Employee Stories

Natasha Kedia

Head - Investor Relations, MHRIL

You might think that gratitude comes naturally. You imagine yourself walking through life smelling the roses, counting your blessings, like some sort of doe-eyed Disney character. But in reality, gratitude is an uphill battle for most of us.
We all face hardships and professional challenges, however, being grateful towards colleagues, even for the little things, generates positivity and builds long-lasting relationships. A simple offer for a coffee to check-in or a colleague helping meet a deadline, every act of gratitude has a multiplier effect at the workplace. When you are grateful, success for the organization and yourself, is more likely.

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Prarthna Shetty

Brand Manager, XUV 700, Mahindra Automotive

I believe that we are a product of our experiences, good and bad. With my roots from Karnataka, my schooling from Madhya Pradesh and most of my adult life spent in Mumbai, it was with a lot of excitement that I joined Mahindra fresh out of college, to amass experience. And what a gratifying journey it has been. I started out as the only female Area Manager in the zone. A sales stint in rural Andhra Pradesh creating customer delight was the perfect lift-off I needed to break gender stereotypes in a mostly male dominated industry. A new role across sales, strategy and marketing every two years meant that I had to dive in head first and could not shy away from taking calculated risks. I was once given some friendly counsel, “Don’t rock the boat”. Rocking the boat can be scary, but in my eight years since, I’ve learnt that making waves can show a willingness to help find solutions and not just be there to do a job. And more importantly, it shows that we care.

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Lisa Lesko

CFO, Chief People Officer, Bristlecone, USA

I have been an avid risk taker since I was young and always liked a challenge. Especially when people would tell me that I couldn't do something, it was all the more reason to prove them wrong. I have always encouraged others to do the same and will continue on this journey to inspire others along the way.

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K Shashikala

CFO, Sr. Manager, Quality, Mahindra Aerospace

I’ve never given up in my life so far and I definitely won’t stop now. It is about making the difficult choice—because the easy way out isn’t an option. We are striving—not for perfection—but to be the best versions of ourselves that we can possibly be. It is about believing in ourselves and our dreams when no one else does. It isn't about proving others wrong—but more so about proving ourselves right. Pushing ourselves to the limit and once we get there—pushing even harder beyond them.
I am strong, independent, capable of ignoring the haters, breaking barriers, and going after bliss no matter what obstacles come.
I am focused and believe in myself; therefore, I Rise.

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Sunetra Ganesan

CFO - Mahindra EPC Irrigation Limited

I believe in building synergies by fostering trust and collaboration across teams and functions. It helps understand challenging and evolving perspectives and in return brings in owners to drive success. Yesterday’s solutions are never adequate for the future. With collaboration from different teams, their views, experience, participation and buy-in, success is assured. The value of a synergised team is always greater than the sum of its parts

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Himani Pandey

Sr. Manager, Business Development, Mahindra Summit Agriscience Ltd.

There is a saying - ‘You have two choices in life, either to conquer your fear or to let your fear conquer you.’
The choices I made in my personal & professional journey were to be fearless, have faith in myself, and to take decisive, calculated risks. The worst that has & can go wrong is that I may have fallen. But I have always stood up stronger than those who never tried. So, do not fear failure but rather fear that you never tried - this been a life changing mantra for me!

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