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Inclusive Work Culture

Diversity and gender neutrality form part of the working environment; encouraging and promoting women Associates to grow professionally.

Our Vision

As an organisation, we are committed to Rise for a more equal world. We strive to build a caring, fair and thriving culture.

Employee Stories

Swati Khadye

Head - Information Technology & Operations, MIBL

It is said that, if you set realistic goals and follow them with patience and perseverance, success is bound to come. Life is not easy. And like many others, I too faced challenges in my personal and professional life. But this mantra of “patience and perseverance” helped me get through obstacles time and again. When we channelize our thoughts and our mind to believe what we want, we find ways to get it. Believe in yourself and stay rooted.
Remember, failure is temporary, and a strong resolve is what will help us achieve our goals.

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Shruti Agarwal

Head - Customer Experience & Strategy, Digital FinCo, Mahindra Finance

My mom had banned the word ‘impossible’ in the house when I was growing up. She studied in a Hindi medium school all her student life, taught herself English and went on to become a successful primary school teacher in an English medium school! That is the kind of role model I had during my formative years. Overcoming obstacles was par for the course – one just had to keep at it. This ‘never say die’ attitude allows me to see the light even when it’s dark all around. It allows to me stretch myself beyond my imagination. I am Resilient, therefore I Rise.

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Brijbala Batwal

Vice President – Secretarial, Mahindra Finance

What does it really take to make one successful despite the odds? Is it hard work or luck? I personally think, it’s smart work and a ‘Go Getter’ attitude. I think it has been my ‘Go Getter’ or ‘Never Give up’ attitude, passion and self -motivation to be a better version of myself and add value to work, that has been my USP. Like a wise man once said, ‘No one is indispensable in this World! We need to see how we can make a difference by being here.’ Three P’s have constantly helped me - Planning, Preparation and Perseverance. Live your life to the fullest, whether it’s work or fun. So, I’d say, chase your dreams and be a ‘Go Getter’.

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Ramya Balasubramanian

When I was a teenager setting up my first ever room, I came across this poster (yes in the 90s it was a thing!) that said ‘fall down seven times, stand up eight’. This Japanese proverb defines me and my life – both professional and personal, in a nutshell. I have failed more than anyone else I ever know and I have showed up nevertheless. I haven’t mastered my fear of failure at all, but I have mastered soldiering on despite the fear. I am gritty, therefore I Rise.

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Sarika Borghate

Deputy Manager, Mahindra Logistics

At MLL, I am motivated to bring out of the best in myself as I am the only woman employee working directly with a group of 40+ male employees and managing a diverse set of responsibilities.
Thanks to the highly collaborative environment at MLL, where irrespective of any biases, it is your work that is valued. My seniors are very supportive and appreciative of the quality of work and that motivates me to achieve my goals and drive positive change.

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Natasha Kedia

Head - Investor Relations, MHRIL

You might think that gratitude comes naturally. You imagine yourself walking through life smelling the roses, counting your blessings, like some sort of doe-eyed Disney character. But in reality, gratitude is an uphill battle for most of us.
We all face hardships and professional challenges, however, being grateful towards colleagues, even for the little things, generates positivity and builds long-lasting relationships. A simple offer for a coffee to check-in or a colleague helping meet a deadline, every act of gratitude has a multiplier effect at the workplace. When you are grateful, success for the organization and yourself, is more likely.

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